This is a new initiative programme for improvement of quality in education for the academically weaker students at UG level.  When it was started in the academic year 2012-13 by the Government of Kerala as an innovative programme, our college took inititatives to start the programme in the same academic year itself.  Now the programme has completed two years successfully in this college.The students who have secured less than 60 % marks were eligible for selection to this programme. Sixty extra teaching hours are allotted for such students. Qualitative faculty can be provided through outsourcing in times of need to handle classes.  Time for the teaching hours is provided through internal arrangements out of the regular academic hours including holidays.  Teachers of any department can be the co-ordinator of the programme.  Study materials are distributed among students including notebooks, pen, photostat copies of academic books and books on relevant topics.  Students  who are coming from  remote areas are provided with travelling allowance.  Refreshment items are provided  nominally for all students.  The feed back of the students are useful for making improvements in the schedule and working of the programme. Higher Education Department and Collegiate Education department of Government of Kerala organise classes for SSP co-ordinators.  Directorate of Collegiate Education made a question bank through workshops of teachers concerned  and the model question papers are distributed among students under this programme.  The Principal of the College is the whole time patron of the programme.  Sri. D.V. Anil Kumar, Assistant Professor of Malayalam has been working as the Co-ordinator for the programme for the last two academic years.

Reports 2014-19