Students of the college are expected to show good manners and behaviour. Soon after admission each student will be given an identity card which he/she should always carry with him and produce on demand. If the identity card is irrecoverably lost, fresh identity cards will be issued only after remitting the fine of Rs.30 to the College Office. Students are expected to be quiet in the college premises. After the first bell at the end of each working period, an interval of five minutes will be allowed during which all the students must re-assemble in their places for the next class.

           The following rules of the Education Code, which are applicable to the students of the college, are also republished for their information and guidance.

      1. Every student shall be dressed properly.

      2. Every student should wish the teachers on the occasion of his first meeting them for the day on the campus.

       3. On teachers entering the class room the students shall rise and remain standing till such time  as they are required to sit or till the teacher takes his/her seat.

       4. No students shall be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until  the classes are dismissed.

       5. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting in the college or to collect money for any purpose or to circulate any pamphlet without the express permission of the principal.

       6. Any student:-

           (a) Who is persistently insubordinate; (b) Who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous; (c) Who is guilty, of fraud or malpractice in connection with examinations; (d) Who in the opinion of the principal, is likely to have an unwholesome influence over his fellow students shall be removed from the rolls either temporarily or on permanent basis according to  the gravity of the offence.

       7. Students are expected to help maintain the premises of the college tidy, clean and healthy and abstain from disfiguring the walls by sticking notices or by scribing, spitting in open spaces and other similar uncivil acts.

       8. Dustbins are placed at important corners and all waste materials such as bits; leaves etc. should be deposited in them.