1. The Title of the Practice: Centre for Continuing Education Kerala (Sub Centre at Government College, Attingal)
  2. Goal
    Centre for Continuing Education Kerala imparts need-based training to the unemployed youth, provides special training for small-scale industries, publishes study material for regular and distance education programme, and conducts vocational training. The project intends to identify the employment potential areas and to conduct competency based skill development programmes.
  3. The Context
    The Centre for Continuing Education in association with National Skill Development Centre (NSDC) as training partner invites application for sub centres for offering their programmes vide advertisement in newspapers on 2017. The planning committee and staff council of the college decided to apply for a sub centre at Government College, Attingal after analysing and understanding the importance of such courses among educated unemployed youth to enrich their employability. The sub centre is granted by the Centre and an MoU is signed between CCEK and Government College, Attingal in this regard specifying the terms and conditions regarding the conduct of the course and revenue sharing plan.
  4. The Practice
    The Continuing Education Cell has been started its operations in the college from 2018 June onwards. The cell invited applications for various courses like Professional Diploma in Shipping and Logistics, Professional Diploma in Fire and Safety, Professional Diploma in Enterprise Networking, Professional Diploma in Civil Construction and Professional Diploma in Fashion Technology. However, the course of Professional Diploma in Shipping and Logistics was selected in our centre as majority of applicants (22 students) preferred it. The classes were started on 15 September 2018. In addition to this five students who prefer Diploma in Fire and Safety and Professional Diploma in Enterprise Networking enrolled in Off campus mode.
  5. Evidence of Success
    The courses will be completed by October, 2019 and the course examinations will be held on November, 2019. During the course all students will have to undergo internship in related industries where there is opportunities for their learned skills. We hope that through proper industry academic linkage, all can get employed in various organisations.
  6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required
    The college infrastructure is very much conducive to the programme as majority of the classes were scheduled on the end of week days ie. Saturdays and Sundays. The programme is properly co-ordinated and functioning effectively so far.
  7.  Notes
    The unit is functioning as an active participant in the developmental activities of the college. As per the MoU signed, 30 per cent of the course fee collected from students can be utilised for the development activities of the Institution. A committee is also constituted to monitor the functioning of CCEK sub centre, Government College Attingal.
    Constitution of Committee
    Steering Committee of 10 members