Sumi. V. S. (HOD)

Faculty Name Sumi V. S. (Head of the Department)
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience Details 13 years
Qualifications MSc, M Phil, NET, PhD
Areas of Interest Electrochemistry
Field of Research Electro catalyst for Hydrogen evolution reaction
Guideship Details

Research Guide under University of Kerala (AcEVI(2)/30066/2021UOK)

PhDs ongoing – 1

Subjects Handled Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Academic Responsibilities Undertaken Head of the Department, Tutorship
Valuation, Invigilation
Duties Performed Tutor
Question Paper Setting
Research Publications
Research Projects Undertaken Nil
Research Publications

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Books Published 02 Book Chapter
Paper Presentations 4
Seminars / Workshops Organized 1
Seminars Attended 8
Workshops Attended 2
Refresher Courses Attended 3
Orientation Programmes Attended Yes
Awards / Honours / Patents Conferred Nil
Membership (s) in Academy of Chemistry Teachers, Academic Council
Assigned Office Charges Others
Countries Visited Nil