Dept of History

The Department of History was started in 1999. Since then there is the B.A.course. The Department is a source for the students interested in History in the rural area of the locality. The Department ha seven rooms- HOD room, four class rooms, one recreation room and the History Museum. History museum is acting as a collecting centre of the the antique objects of the locality. Works are underway for the construction of a new History Block with two storeys. The total number of students are 120 with 3 faculty members.

Dept of History – Faculty

Sl No. Faculty Name Designation Phone Number Action
1 Dr. Unnikrishnan. S Associate Professor 9847558566 View More
2 Sreelaka K(HOD) Assistant Professor 9495784158 View More
3 Thushara P S Assistant Professor  8907625051 View More


History is absolutely a traditional subject that is least sought after in the modern world of information technology. It is the discipline most concerned with understanding change. It is commonly acknowledged that an understanding of the past is fundamental to an understanding of the present. The study of history is vital to a liberal arts education. History is unique among the liberal arts in its emphasis on historical perspective and context.Historians seek not only to explain historical causality–how and why change occurs within societies and cultures. They also try to account for the endurance of tradition, understand the complex interplay between continuity and change, and explain the origins, evolution, and decline of institutions and ideas. History is also distinguished by its singularly broad scope. Virtually every subject has a history and can be analised and interpreted in historical perspective and context; the scope of historical inquiry is bound only by the quantity and quality of surviving documents and artefact.

The Department of History started in 1975as part of III group of Pre-Degree batch.  Later in 1997B.A History was statred with Economics and Political Science as its subsidiary subjects. The syllabi of the undergraduate course is geared to equip students to face competitive exams like Civil Services and UGC NET / SLET. Keeping in tune with the changing times, the department has introduced papers of contemporary relevance like Gender and environmental Studies, Human Rights, International Relations, Indian Art and Historiography etc.

Taking into consideration, the low socio – economic status and the below par academic background of most entrants, a system has been developed by the Dept. through which more participation on the part of the parents are ensured. Further, the students are classified into various groups, based on their abilities, and teachers are put in charge of each group for keenly watching their improvement. Instructions are given frequently to make sure that they are kept in track always. Parent – Teacher meetings are held regularly and the issues relating to their studies are discussed with the parents, and practical solutions are derived for ensuring the desired results. Periodical Departmental meetings are held to discuss and decide allocation of works, to plan and execute association activities, to discuss and finalize the questions for terminal examination etc.  Many of them, who enter the course with only pass mark for qualifying examination. For the identification of drawbacks of the students’ performance in education, weekly tests are being conducted regularly.  Remedial classes and tutorial classes besides the WWS and SSP mentoring are arranged for those weak students. The tutors monitor the performance of each and every student regularly and suggest appropriate remedial measures for their improvement.  The faculty members work hard in order to achieve good result with the support of faculties of Languageand Subsidiary subjects.  Opportunities are provided to bright students to present papers on chosen topics and lead discussions in the classroom. It brings in courage and confidence to the students.  So the students comes out victorious securing more than 50% marks in the final examination.

The History Club

The History Club of our department undertakes so many student supporting activities.The History Club, YESTERDAY, which gives awareness on historically significant matters.

Every year, a good percentage of students, who are admitted in History Department, hail from the nearby socially, economically and educationally backward regions.  The students to be instilled with self -confidence is a major task of the department.The history club offer the students opportunities to discuss relevant topics and issues. They are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and to engage in extension work through different associations. The students have secured prizes on various quiz competitions, elocution, essay writing etc. Nearly 80% of the prize winners in sports belong to this Department only.

Seminars, poster exhibitions, Quiz competitions, National day’s celebration programmes and other cultural activities are conducted.

Film Exhibition is also another important activity of the club.

Every year the final year students are taken to historically important places for tour.

Writing of Local History

The Department equip the students to find and write local history.  Local history is the study of incorporating social and cultural aspects of a particular geographical area or a community.  On every year our students select one or two subject for reconstructing the local history. They reconstructing it through their articles and documentaries.  Some of them are available in online also.

History Museum

History Museum of the department is a collecting and displaying centre of various historical, archaeological, artistic and social artifacts. The main purpose of the museum is to give an awareness and education on protecting our historical artifacts.  It has a good collection of various maps of India at various times, different currencies of various countries etc.  On 2018 as part of the Sasthrayan the Dept. got great attention on the local media for displaying the items to the public.


Now there is three permanent faculty members in the department.  The teachers actively participate in seminars and workshops organized by the University and other organizations. The faculty members cover the entire syllabus by combing different methods of teaching and materials like charts, maps etc, audio-visual applications like power point presentation and smart class are also utilized. Modern, general and connected topics are discussed by conducting debates and quiz completion in the tutorial hour.

Alumni Association

We also have a strong Alumni association.  It makes frequent meetings and support our department profoundly.