Promotion of Research

 The Post Graduate Department of Economics and Post Graduate department of Commerce is recognised research centre of the University of Kerala.

There is a Research Committee functioning in the college to facilitate and monitor research activities and to popularize the importance of research and development in the field of higher education. The committee comprises of a co-ordinator, research guides and one representative each from the respective departments having PhD degree.The college has realised the importance of teaching, research and extension as the three pillars of today’s higher education system. As part of this, the teachers are encouraged to avail of the Faculty Development Programme (FDP) of the UGC as well as other research projects, both major and minor. To create a research perspective among the teachers and students, seminars and conferences are being organized in the college. Necessary infrastructural facilities are provided in the form of Seminar halls, smart class rooms, computer laboratory, etc. The committee encourages students to take up projects which have potential for future research for themselves and for the faculty. The institution promotes research activities among the student community. In order to inculcate a taste for academic research, students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and invited lectures. The projects assigned to students are based on topics meant to improve scientific temper and creativity. In addition to this students in both UG and PG are undertaking a dissertation (project work) as  part of the partial fulfilment of the course.

Research Committee

Co-ordinator      :   Dr. k. Pradeep Kumar (Research Supervisor)

Members            :   Dr. Anzar .R (Research Supervisor)

Dr. Rajeesh . T (Research Supervisor)

Dr. Selvamani. K. B (Research Supervisor)

Dr. Abraham. A. P (Research Supervisor)

The major decisions taken by the research committee during the academic year:

  1. Encourage the faculty who do not possess research degrees to enroll as research scholars in Universities or other recognized research centres at the earliest.
  2. Motivate and guide the faculty and scholars of the centres to take up minor/ major projects.
  3. Encourage the faculty members to attend seminars organized by various institutions to get in touch with the latest developments in their respective fields.
  4. Subscribe research journals in the departments, especially the research centres.
  5. Motivate the faculty to regularly publish articles and research papers in various national and international journals.


  • Autonomy to the principal investigator:
  • The principal investigators are given complete autonomy regarding the projects assigned to them.
  • Timely availability or release of resources:
  • The funds granted by the funding agencies are communicated to the investigator and the grants are released on time.
  • Adequate infrastructure and human resources:
  • The college provides adequate infrastructure such as laboratories and libraries for accomplishing research projects.
  •  Time-off reduced teaching load special leave teachers:
  • Teachers are given time off, reduced teaching load, special leave etc. to engage in research projects.
  • Supportintermsof technologyandinformationneeds:
  • The institution has a supporting systemin terms of technology and information such as OERC, INFLIBNET, e- journals etc. Teachers and students can use the computer lab and internet facility of the college for doing projects.
  • Facilitatetimelyauditingandsubmissionofutilization certificatetothefundingauthorities:
  • The office provides support for timely audit and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities.