Biodiversity Club

Mr. Pradeepkumar K.

Coordinator, Biodiversity Club

The Kerala State Biodiversity Board had decided to start Biodiversity Clubs in educational institutions across the state to accelerate the pace of conservation and preservation of the environment. As part of the programme Government College, Attingal has also started the Bio-diversity Club in the academic year 2015-2016. The biodiversity conservation and expansions programs will be conducted by the club at college level and join hand with local self government in addressing environmental related issues. In addition, the club will also establish ‘Santhisthal’, a man made forest ecosystem for making a grove with rare species. This protected Santhisthal maintained   by the Biodiversity Club will become a biodiversity rich area of rare and endangered plant and animal species in due courses of time.


  1. Preservation and propagation of Rare, Endangered and Threatened Species
  2. Conservation of biodiversity in College Campus with student participation and supports from local self Government.
  3. Propagation of endemic fruits plants species to invite birds and small animal diversity in the sport.
  4. Fruit plants like mango tree, jack fruit tree and guava tree were planted in the campus.
  5. Conducting awareness programmes on biodiversity conservation outside the campus.
  6. Campus to maintain Greenness and Cleanliness.

 Organizational structure of Biodiversity club

Biodiversity club will have an organizational structure as given below

Patron:  Dr. Seetha Lakshmi (Principal in Charge)

Coordinator: Pradeep Kumar. K (HOD, Political Science)

Executive Committee (Faculty Members): Dr Sunil Raj, Dr. Sandhya J Nair, Gopakumar, Lakshmi.L,  

Student Leader: Pooja M.

Executive Committee (Student Members)  Anoop, Devupriya, Ganga S Lal, Vishunu V.S, Adersh.S, Ariya Krishana, Haritha H.S, Ramlal. Abhijith. S, Nithin M.S, Sarath.S