Hostel Committee Convenor: Dr. Shanimon

Ph: 9496281982


The Ladies Hostel of Govt. College Attingal was completed its construction on 2013 and started its functioning on February 2018. It aims to give accommodation to the girls coming from all walks of life and are determined to gain a meaningful educational experience. The hostel is located within the premises of the college campus and have easy access to students. It is functioning as per the instructions and rules and regulations of the Directorate of Collegiate Education of Government of Kerala. It can accommodate 44 students.

Hostel Committee

The Hostel committee consist of the Principal, Warden and teachers of various departments supervises the activities and functions of the hostel.

Mess Committee

The mess committee with a mess secretary, selected from among the students is in charge of the mess and the other daily activities of the hostel.


The hostel provides great support to the students on their academic activities, resulted in achieving ranks on P.G. and NET examinations. Weekly recreation programmes along with monthly meetings are regularly conducting. Students with the support of the staff maintains a vegetable garden in the hostel. A day of every month they clean the surroundings also.

Accommodation for Guests

The hostel has sufficient rooms for giving accommodation to the invited dignitaries and the guests who are arriving to attend seminars as scholars and Resource Persons.