1. Physical Facilities:

The college provides special facilities for the differently abled students and persons to provide them opportunities to acquire quality education and to bring them into the main stream of the society. The college has a social responsibility and perception that differently abled students should be respected and treated as a normal human being.

Wheel chair facility

2. Ramp/Rails:

The college has a special facility of ramp and rails for the differently abled students. The main entrances and exits clearly identifiable and easily accessible. And it can accommodate wheelchair users. Steps and ramps have hand railings and the entrance permitting access to a conveniently located lift.

3. Rest Rooms:

Separate toilets are available for people with disabilities. They are clearly identifiable and accessible. The doors are wide enough and lockable from inside and releasable from outside. There is enough maneuvering space inside. All floor surfaces are slip resistant. Mirrors, flushing arrangements, dispensers mounted at appropriate heights.

4. Scribes for Examination:

There are some students who feel difficult to take the examination and they need scribes with them. The college provides or allows the students to take the help of scribes in the examination.